Welcome to New England North West First Aid Training, and Gold Coast and Hinterland First Aid Training Services, We service both NSW and QLD, Providing vital first aid training to save lives of your loved ones and friends, We pride ourselves on delivering the most up to date first aid training in Northwest, New England and SE QLD. Utilising the latest techniques in a fun and relaxed environment, Our methods of presentation helps our students learn and become familiar with real life scenarios and situations when trained by our highly qualified first aid professionals.


New England North West First Aid Training & Security Services


Gold Coast First Aid Training & Security Services


Emergency Response and Security Services (ERSS) T/ as New England North West First Aid Training and Security can deliver accredited courses in many areas Including but not limited to First Aid, Manual Handling, Workplace Health & Safety, White Card and much more!

Tamworth First Aid, Armidale First Aid and CPR Training,  and servicing all areas of NSW and Queensland.

Additionally, New England North West First Aid Training and Security can design and deliver specialty training relevant to your organisation’s risks, recent injuries, near miss incidents or requests from staff for specific assistance. Manual Handling, Customer Service, Leadership Development and Behavioral Awareness Training courses are just the beginning of what we can provide your business.

Are you ready for a WorkCover visit? Many companies are not. Our highly professional team at New England North West First Aid Training and Security can provide your business with a workplace audit, highlighting areas that may require attention. Not only can we tell you what areas need improvement, we will help you through every step in working towards a safe and compliant workplace.

In partnership with our suppliers, New England North West First Aid Training and Security can build a First Aid Kit perfect for your workplace! Whether it be a high risk environment or a small office, we will take care of you.

Our team can conduct a workplace assessment and consult on the types of kits, products and equipment required. Providing regular stock takes, kit replenishment and wholesale supply of equipment or products (including defibrillation equipment) – your business is safe in our hands.

New England North West First Aid Training and Security are specialists in the dynamic nature of events. From event planning and coordination, to security and event consultation and event management, our experienced team will ensure the successful running of any affair. From Entertainment Centers Processions and local community gatherings, New England North West First Aid Training and Security can assist in the delivery of a diverse range of events.


 Event Medical and First Aid Services

EMERGENCY RESPONSE & SECURITY SERVICES Event Medical and First Aid Services has an established reputation as independent leading specialists of professional medical and First Aid staff for events.

​We Deliver:

Comprehensive Industry Experience: We have covered hundreds of events every year, since our directors began their careers 27 years ago, we cater from small indoor events to major central public events for 50,000 plus.

​EMERGENCY RESPONSE & SECURITY SERVICES are sole medical and first aid officers. Privately owned and operated, and comprehensively insured.

Professional Standards: We are one of very few events medical specialists to provide where requested qualified and experienced registered medical staff at all events.

Our Event Medics (non-registered) are those who hold Certificate II in Medical Service First Response, Occupational First Aid with the ability to give pain relief or possess Diploma or Degree in Paramedicine who attend a range of events and are on-hand to provide medical assistance to members of the public, participants, and staff of your events.

Reliability: Once booked we turn up at the right place, at the right time, with the right staff and the right equipment. Right Attitude, Displaying care, compassion, and professionalism.

No excuses. No let-downs.

The EMERGENCY RESPONSE & SECURITY SERVICES Water Rescue Team is trained to peak-performance levels for water rescue. With Two Jet ski’s ready to assist at your upcoming events.


This technical team is best known for its ability to respond quickly and effectively to emergencies on rivers, lakes, and canals, while promoting safe practices and enjoyment of any inland or coastal waterway.

​                                                                                Our Staff

As a leading independent training organisation, we take pride in ensuring our staff are prepared for the unexpected and they receive the best possible training.  We ensure you have peace of mind knowing that, unlike other providers, we will turn up and deliver our work to the highest standards for all event health services personnel.

Healthcare professionals

  • Our accredited, registered, and skilled healthcare professionals include Enrolled Nurses, Registered Nurses, Paramedics, Extended Care and Intensive Care Paramedics, Doctor, and Specialists from a range of specialities including critical care. They’re supported by an extensive framework of clinical governance and training.
  • fully equipped with comprehensive training, first aid kits, oxygen, Pain relief and a defibrillator.

With established clients and Servicing NSW and QLD we are happy to attend your next event, From Tamworth Country Music Festival, Groundwater Country Music Broadbeach, we are ready and willing to assist you at your event no matter how big or small and in any location Australia Wide.

Call today and speak with our staff JAMIE DAY 0447628114 or email [email protected]

Our Family, Caring for your Family.

Emergency Response and Security’s Services experienced medics and paramedics are well versed in playing a hands-on ‘first aid’ roll at major events. Most often providing support at Motocross, Super Moto and Dirt Track Motorcycle racing events, many Campdraft & Rodeo events, our professional and calm nature is of the utmost importance. Our team can provide services from an event as small as a school athletics carnival, to as large as some of  Queensland & New South Wales’ biggest concert festivals.

The management team at Emergency Response and Security Services are licenced security guards, We can provide security management services for licenced premises, small events such as corporate gatherings and large events such as concerts and major sporting matches.

From crowd control and static guarding, Our staff providing the reassurance of safety and security when you need it most.

New England Northwest First Aid can maintain your first aid kits and ensure they are always fully stocked, providing an onsite first aid kit restocking service or via an electronic ordering system.

NEW ENGLAND NORTHWEST FIRST AID advises that it is best practice to have all first aid kits checked / replenished on a regular ongoing basis. Most first aid kit contents generally have an approximate 2-year shelf life and need to be replenished, or if opened, need to be replaced.

OHS Regulations require customers to ensure workplaces are safe and that first aid kits are maintained and in good order.

Having trouble trying to find someone to audit your first aid kits? Do you also want to avoid the on-site visit costs?

Take control of replenishing or adding to your first aid kits and meet ongoing compliance requirements by ordering NEW ENGLAND NORTH WEST FIRST AID first aid modules or first aid kit refill packs online.

NEW ENGLAND NORTHWEST FIRST AID understands that various First Aid Kit contents may not always be suitable for your workplace environment. To help with workplace risk management, specific injuries can be quickly treated by upgrading your kit with various add-on modules.

These modules are designed to help assess where particular workplace hazards exist and target “low, medium or high risks” in line with the Codes of Practice and WHS Laws in your state or Territory & First Aid in the workplace.

Modules are available for eye injuries, snake bite, and burns (small and large modules).

NEW ENGLAND NORTHWEST FIRST AID also provides various workplace First Aid Kit “refills”. These are industry standard or can be customised to suit the workplace, home, sport, leisure etc.

NEW ENGLAND NORTH WEST FIRST AID has taken the headache out of what you require in your first aid kits whilst still adhering to the Codes of Practice and WHS Laws in your state or Territory & First Aid in the workplace.

You can order a refill to replenish your existing first aid kits. By doing so, you will help manage workplace hazards and various injuries.

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